Compilation – Math And Atlases (2015)

Chicago’s theatrical power-duo, Space Blood, unleash their first instalment of the Math & Atlases series as a showcase of some of UK’s finest, odd time signature loving bands.

The opening track, “Animal Rights Pay Day”, by Space Blood (under the alias Animal House 4) is a tasteful preamble to this eclectic compilation. The evolving complexity of the layers and rhythms emanates a Battles-esque sensibility, setting an experimentally inclined tone for the album. Other tracks from groups like Vasa, Right Hand Left Hand, and Iran Iran expand on the instrumental aspects of progressive, math-influenced music. Although all other songs on this first Math & Atlases issue are purely instrumental, “Skiddaw”, by Wot Gorilla? provides a vocally driven and math-pop oriented approach to the other musical ideas expressed in this release. This third track is a sporadically structured example of how lyrics can be cleverly incorporated into music with an abundance of abrupt time changes.

Space Blood have constrained their compilation by geography and genre, yet the music remains diverse. This tastefully arranged smorgasbord highlights the different ideas and motifs floating about in the UK.

File Under

Math rock, post rock, wacky, instrumental, soothing, happy

Sounds A Tad Like

The United Kingdom

Standout Tracks

Iran Iran – You Make Me Feel Ted Danson, Animal House 4: Animal Rights Pay Day


3 measley US bucks (Bandcamp)


The Motherland. And Chicago.