EXCLUSIVE // Stream the new album from Mountains


As you probably know, the word “exclusive” in Korean is “독점적 인”.

And to start the week off we have an 독점적 인, courtesy of the band Mountains. To confuse you earlier rather than later, the power-trio comprises one ex-Briton, an ex-Iranian ex-Briton, and a ex-Canadian Korean. The three expatriates
join forces to make emo-tinged math rock in their un-native city of Daegu, South Korea (highest mountain: Hallasan at 1950m).

This delightful new EP, Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind, is set to drop on the 14th of September and will be distributed in Japan via Friend Of Mine Records. It’s a nifty lil’ EP too; the listener is bound to find nuggets of simple unhinged rock, with a surplus of interesting math elements. Verses are cut short, choruses are contorted, rhythms are muddled, wires are twisted. It’ll that make up for the many bands exploiting the ‘math’ moniker but not delivering. Overall, it’s an honest EP with a lot of heart; one that will have you musing things like ‘what is the optimal height to which a mountain can rise before its rate of uplift is balanced with its rate of erosion?‘. Tell me you weren’t thinking that.

mountainsYou can pre-order Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind right now on the Mountains bandcamp page. Get it while it’s pre-order; you’ll look more champion.