Anthony Fremont’s Garden Solutions – Anthology (2017)

As far as we can tell, the Anthony Fremont whose name adorns Anthony Fremont’s Garden Solutions is not in fact a physical member of the Ohio math-noise quartet. Rather, he is (purportedly) a 6 year old monster who, in between transmogrifying reality based on the thoughts he hears inside people’s minds, writes music vicariously through guitarist Marcus Drake. And so we can only assume that the wacky and unpredictable experimental noise rock the quartet punch out on their new double album/cassette anthology is the manifestation of the collective minds of Ohio. Are you following along?

The anthology, comprising Anthony Fremont’s Good Life and Anthony Fremont’s American Dream EP, is nothing short of dissonant, taking on the oddball and quirky elements of Yowie or Upsilon Acrux, and at other times entering aggressive territory akin to Psyopus and Lye By Mistake. Either way, you’re in for a bonkers ride on both cuts of this project.

File Under

Noise rock, math rock, hardcore, punk

Sounds A Tad Like

Yowie, nuito, Postmadonna, Tera Melos

Standout Tracks

Room With A View


$4US per digital album (Bandcamp)


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