VIDEO // Watch Ampires’ new video single ‘Meta Data’

Ampires were a surprise discovery of ours last year, with their debut self-titled album. Mixing elements of hip-hop, electronica and jazz with punk and hardcore, the sonic side to ampires sounds like free-jazz-core drumming played along to distorted keyboards and seemingly randomised computer noises. Those familiar with the abrasiveness of Hella, BANGLADEAFY, or MoHa! will feel right at home here. The visual side is a display of lo-fi, harshly processed but warm and almost allegorical images, captured and created through both analogue and digital mediums.

These two elements, conceived by Max (audio) and Louize (visual), formed into the ampires collective in Paris and we are stoked to show you the first single from their upcoming second album.

Ampires have not disclosed exactly when to expect the new album but we encourage you to stay up to date on their Facebook page.