The Graphic World – The Graphic World (2017)

The eponymous debut from New York two-piece The Graphic World is a glorious exercise in music deconstruction. Throughout the record the band explore repetition, monotone, empty space and a number of other experimental facets. Will Ashby’s guitar work shifts from complex tapped phrases to slackly strummed power chords, while Josh Vliet’s percussion changes wildly and unpredictably in tempo and meter. Together, the band exploit their instruments to their full potential, covering a vast range of moods. At times it feels dizzying, at other times mystical.

In my opinion, it is near impossible to fault what these guys are doing with this avant-garde release. Not only will you enjoy this record; you’ll feel ten times smarter. The Graphic World re-explores the stripped back experimental motifs one might expect from older duos like Cheval de Frise, Chevrueil or the more recent work of Pneu. It’s freeform for a new generation.

File Under

Experimental, space rock, odd meters, avant garde

Sounds A Tad Like

Cheval de Frise, Ahleuchatistas, Pneu


Free download via Bandcamp


New York, New York