te_ri performs ‘Tokyo Metropolis’ at Bahamas Fest 2014

Last Sunday, after months of organisation and hair-pulling, Fecking Bahamas curated its inaugural festival, Bahamas Fest. Following the success of our first compilation, Fecking Bahamas I. Japan, we decided to transform the compilation into a live festival, effectively introducing the bands and bringing them together for the first time. Taking place at MARZ in Shinjuku, Tokyo, the all day event featured eleven bands from I. Japan, covering various sub-genres yet all encompassing a ‘mathematical’ sound.

One of these bands was te_ri. This exciting and wonderfully bizarre two piece write sheet music and feed it through a computer algorithm, distorting the rhythms and ultimately creating jagged music that is rhythmically quite bewildering. We have always been excited by te_ri and their unusual approach to music; it really is quite unique. Here, te_ri performs ‘Tokyo Metropolis’ at Bahamas Fest, a song so beautiful yet twisted beyond belief.