Lambhorn – Earthlight (2014)

Back in 2012 I came across a very early version of Lambhorn‘s track Fugue II (formerly Mothra), a beautifully crafted track that possessed so much ambition and beauty but lacked some of the high end production that lends itself so well to the ambience and melodic clarity Lambhorncreated. The band have remained pretty quiet writing and perfecting their tracks up until recently when they began playing shows in and around Bristol (recently supporting Axes and Delta Sleep) and announcing their first release Earthlight.

Earthlight is a release that has had so much care and attention put into it, and this is immediately apparent. Lambhorn have created an EP that although draws from a range of influences to craft a sound that bridges gaps between psychedelic prog rock, ethereal post rock and upbeat math rock. The guitar work is at the front line here: beautiful melodies are layered together to create lush soundscapes, yet will immediately disperse into chaotic walls of dissonance. The song structures are unpredictable yet sonically cohesive. Despite its overall brevity, Earthlight competently captures the monumental nature depicted by the Kubrick-style monolith in its cover art. It’s the start of exciting things to follow; a quick click of the fingers to get our attention.

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Progressive, math rock, post rock, experimental

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Spending a weekend converting Kevin Sheilds to math-rock


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Bristol, UK