Tangled Hair – We Do What We Can (2018)

The wait for a new Tangled Hair LP is finally over. No more binge watching their Milktime Productions sessions or playing their EP’s and Apples on repeat. They’ve returned with a carefully planned and brilliantly executed record that retains the familiarity of their sound while incorporating captivating nuances.

Humbly titled We Do What We Can, the nine track album utilizes a vast dynamic range. Each song undergoes shifts from delicately docile to emphatically energetic, showcasing the trio’s versatility. James Trood’s seamlessly fluent and creative approach to the drums fills each pocket of Alan Welsh’s cleverly chosen guitar licks and Alex Lloyd’s decisive bass lines, creating the mild-mannered sound they’ve been honing since their First EP in 2009. Brief bursts of group vocals (“Keep Doing What You’re Doing”, “Time Flies”) draw a stark contrast towards the contained quietness of some other parts.

Relatable lyricism and memorable verses have always been inherent to Tangled Hair’s sound, even back in the Colour days. Lines like, “How ‘bout we do exactly what we want for once”, and “I recognize the sound of your feet…” ricochet through your head. There’s no shortage of catchy quips to sing along with, but nothing ever feels overly redundant. Perhaps the most vividly nostalgic lyric is in “Time Flies”: “…winter days we’d listen to ‘2112’ through”, a nod to Rush’s 20 minute epic. This is just one example of Welsh’s specific and personal form of lyricism.

These nine songs are a lot to chew. They’re dense and packed with meaning. After just one listen through of We Do What We Can, it’s clear that Tangled Hair sought to create an honest, lasting reflection of their earnest efforts. And they did just that.

File Under

Indie, pop, math rock, post rock, vocals

Sounds A Tad Like

Colour, Tubelord, Meet Me In St Louis, Pharoahs


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