Shambles In A Husk – Die, Device, Die (2014)

Glasgow punk outfit Shambles In A Husk was built from the ruins of the math-punk Crusades and the more indie Darien Venture. In their debut EP, Die, Device, Die, it sounds as if the constituents of the predecessors have been merged to form a melodic punk piece with intermittent math rock interludes and raw hardcore energy. In addition, the tempo has been increased substantially, the vocals are raspier, and the riffs have a proto-metal sensibility similar to what ASIWYFA were experimenting with in Gangs. While the mood across the album changes rapidly (compare the aggressive Cowboy Doom with the more melodic Towie Effect), the energy and force of Die, Device, Die remains constant.

In Die, Device, Die, Shambles In A Husk assert the vivacity of bands like The Fall Of Troy and A Wilhelm Scream to carve out a fast-paced record that is punchy and enjoyable.

File Under

Punk, hardcore, post-hardcore, vocals

Sounds A Tad Like

Fall Of Troy, &U&I, A Wilhelm Scream


£5 for digital or CD, so you may as well get a physical copy (Bandcamp)


Glasgow, United Kingdom