NEWS // ArcTanGent’s first lineup announcement causes fans to change their plans between August 18-20th

The hype around global niche rock conference, ArcTanGent, is already in full swing. The festival is now in its fourth year in, and the line-up has gone from strength to say whaaaaaaa….a? No seriously. You see, the ATG team have just announced that American Football, toe, Sikth, Caspian, Owen, TTNG, Alarmist, Falls, Totorro, Alma, Anta, Floral, A Werewolf!, Town Portal and Exassens are all on the bill. Don’t believe us? Enjoy the video evidence…

ArcTanGent will take place at Fernhill Farm, just out of Bristol, between the 18th and 21st of August. Readers are encouraged to make the trip out, if anything to experience their award winning toilets and meet the friendliest people on Earth. Who knows, you might even see a Fecking Bahamas beach ball this year. Maybe.

Tickets are on sale as of right bloody now. Start your journey here.

You can also check out our footage from ArcTanGent 2015 here and here.