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Fecking Bahamas are proud to finally present our fourth regional sampler, and the first off the press for 2016: Fecking Bahamas IV. France. We’ve always had our eye on France as a haven for quirky, experimental, noisy, mathy bands. This sampler comprises 25 tracks of currently active French bands, and showcases the diverse and exciting range of math rock and other similar genres across France. Of course, here we are only scraping the surface of what is out there, so make sure you also check out our World Of Math map for other suggestions, and keep your eyes peeled for a special France article in the next couple of weeks. And if you like what you hear, please remember to support the bands by purchasing their tunes via the links below. Le word.

Featured artists:

1. Totorro (
2. Electric Electric (
3. John Makay (
4. Marvin (
5. Pneu (
6. Ça (
7. Goodbye Diana (
8. Itzamna (
9. 100% Chevalier (
10. Deer Belling Cafe (
11. Jean Jean (
12. ni (
13. Vélooo (
14. Room 204 (
15. Epiq (
16. Ainez (
17. Quadrupède (
18. Marylin Rambo (
19. Piscine (
20. We Insist! (
21. Papier Tigre (
22. Geste (
23. Keiko Tsuda (
24. Shiko Shiko (
25. Seal Of Quality (

Our artwork explained

1614075_767966753308121_1795233507707616351_oAs usual, we throw all artwork responsibilities back at the bands because we are freeloading assholes. We requested a random word from three bands featured in the sampler, which we would then present to a French artist for an improvised sketch. In the end we chose Ça Room 204 and 100% Chevalier for their words ‘weasel’, ‘chips’ and ‘horse’, respectively. We then gave the words to talented digital illustrator Serguei Spoutnik, to improvise a drawing.

We were amazed. Not only did we get our improvisation, but we got a whole goddamned 3d model of the design! Serguei’s final piece uses neon lighting to bring Weaselchiphorse to life. This artwork is included in the download package (below).

Thank you

A massive thank you to all the bands to agreed to get on board and help spread the word. Big shout out to Abel at Head Records for more or less giving us creative control over choosing tracks from the label’s roster. Props also go out to David Isick for helping us establish communication with Jean Jean. And thanks to you for pressing the download button.