Undo K From Hot


Alright, this is the last supergroup we’re going to over in the foreseeable future. That we know of. It’s hard to say, people just keep throwing amazing stuff at us. Take Undo K From Hot for instance.

Like a cryptid in the night, the new supergroup featuring Nick Reinhart, Zach Hill, and Robby Moncrief appeared out of nowhere just weeks ago. “750 Dispel,” the bands first single, teased the exact brand of chaos you might expect from members of Death Grips, Bygones, and Tera Melos. But songs like “Incomplete Spanks” and “Missing Information” branch off into even deeper modular territory.

G.A.S. Get A Star is a deadly intersection of Los Angeles sounds. Undo K’s insidious mix of heavily distorted hyper prose, heavily-effected post-punk, and industrial hip-hop displays a bold amount of confidence. It’s a refreshingly abrasive take; a Doc Scott meets Hella trip, if you will.

But songs like “Password Incest” and “Empty AM” explore heightened levels of of digitized destruction. Hill explored this territory somewhat with Hella, as well as in his own partnership with Moncrief throughout his solo career. Yet it’s an energy that only just now seems to be fully engaged. That goes for Reinhart as well; we know that sounds crazy, because he’s been firing on all cylinders for as long as we’ve been hearing about him. All of them have. Somehow, each member has reaches a new level here.

Undo K From Hot might end up just being another one off; it wouldn’t be the first time the members of this project dropped something fantastic, and walked away to start something else entirely. We suppose that’s just what it’s like to be prolific. And insanely talented. But here’s to hoping it’s more than that. The band name alone is worth more material, and Undo K’s cyberpunk grind is a pleasant one, even if comes as a total surprise.

Throw on a trench coat and step into the digital wild from the Undo K From Hot Bandcamp page here.