our violet room


Regardless of how deep you get into the ins and outs of math rock, so many of the genre’s most influential acts are connected by frosty, midwest indie roots. From whichever dynamic you approach it, from Cap’n Jazz to American Football, it’s an intersection that proudly wears its tattered heart on its plaid button-up sleeve.

Last week, Denver’s Our Violet Room joined the ranks of these emotionally charged ruminators with their latest single, “Secrets,” the first single from Not Where I Thought I’d Be. It’s a soft but beautiful affair featuring mostly acoustic instrumentation, with guest vocals from New Zealand-based Estella Dawn.

Both the song and the music video are perfect for ringing in the season, providing a pleasant aural layer for those crisp afternoons of tomato soup and tenderness. You know the ones. Check out the magical music video below, directed by Cole Naylor. Tissues not included.


Beyond the song’s simple, straight to the heart presentation, “Secrets” evolves into a grandly textured cathartic moment, and it arrives just in time. Our Violet Room, aka Matthew Birch, punctuates the arrival of so many seasonal feelings, and convincingly captures them in a surreal, yet nostalgic light.

Much like the best of 2000’s experimental indie poppers Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver spends little time fretting, and more time creating. Well, for now at least – both Stevens and Iver went on to create veritable Towers of Babel from their minimalist beginnings, but that’s a conversation for another time. For now, let’s just enjoy what we have.

Yep, Fall is pretty much here… well, in North America, at least. Leaves changing, cold winds blowing, and a whole lot of staring out the windows as the landscape outside is slowly dusted in crystalline frost. Sorry, what were we talking about? Oh yeah. Anyway, check out Our Violet Room’s website and the rest of Not Where I Thought I’d Be here, and warm our cold, black hearts with a dang ol’ cup of coffee here – you can think of it as hot chocolate if you prefer. Coming up we’ve got Cuzco, Disheveled Cuss, and believe it or not, a band called The Pieces of Shit. We’re really excited about that last one. Thanks for reading!