of two minds


Of Two Minds just put out a new single that really took us back to school when we heard it. Well, not school per se, but at the very least the post-collegiate glory daze of our own comeuppance in math rock. Whether it’s the Columbus, Ohio based group’s sense of excitement or their jazzy underpinnings, there’s certainly enough substance here to excite the odd jaded math rocker. That’s right – we know you’re out there.

The band’s newest single “Night Swim” dives and dips through sparkling midwestern post-rock with flashes of tappy math rock and smoky jazz. Like we mentioned before, millennial listeners (like this millennial writer) will likely be transported to the nostalgic mid-to-late 2010’s. But we mean that in a good way. Check it out below.

For us, it specifically recalls classic ‘jath-rock’ vibes, a coin termed by Eugene, Oregon’s Era Coda and firmly established on their split with Spiller… ‘jath rock’ being a somewhat hilarious portmanteau of jazz and math rock. While this particular record is sadly hard to find, another obvious example would be Clever Girl – and now of course, Of Two Minds.

To seal the deal, the single was mixed and mastered by Takaaki Mino of Japan’s legendary Toe. You can particularly hear this in the drums, and the way that dreamy, reverberated guitar that resembles a saxophone seamlessly drop into the song. All in all, “Night Swim” is a treat for math rockers, and jath rockers, everywhere.

These guys must spend a lot of time in the pool, because this song’s got us drenched! Oh wait, it might be that it’s 103 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the day here in this god-forsaken corner of the earth. Regardless, don’t forget to check out the band’s other material on their Bandcamp here and if you want to shoot us a coffee, be our guest and do so here. Coming up we’ve got stuff from Giraffes? Giraffes!, And San, and more. Toodles!