delta sleep


When the pandemic was in full swing, Fecking Bahamas started doing livestream interviews on Instagram. On December 10th 2020, we ended up coordinating a Zoom with Delta Sleep, but in some freak accident, the interview was shelved, and assumed to be lost forever.

Thankfully, the interview has been recovered from the original hard drive, and with Fecking Bahamas helping present Anomalia Fest today, (which features bands like Tortuganonima, DJ Perro, and the Delta Sleep boys themselves) we figured now would be a great time for it to surface.

You can see we had a pretty lovely time in the chat, catching up on important things like nu-metal, self-aware hoovers, and the band’s heartfelt ambition to start playing live again once it was safe. In fact, Delta Sleep had just announced a tour about the time we booked the interview. If it sounds like they can see us, it’s because they can – the interview was conducted on Instagram live at the same time as sort of a visual monitor. It did the job, of course, up until the moment it didn’t. At least a year and a half later, we’ve figured it out.


For the fans lucky enough to see it in person, enjoy the hell out of Anomalia Fest the few couple days – buy some merch, take some cool pictures, and be excellent to each other. Everyone else, kick back and enjoy the throwback!

The fest kicks off tomorrow in Mexico City, then heads down to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil after that, with Delta Sleep headlining all the way. If it’s not completely sold out, get your tickets to the fest here. We’ve got more content coming your way soon! This is our third article today though so it’s time to hang it up. In math rock we trust.