June of 44


Slowly but surely, legendary post-rock noise stalwarts June of 44 have been plotting a comeback. Just last year, the band dropped a surprisingly focused remix/redo album, and even played a few shows across various countries in 2019 to test the waters.

We won’t be able to go into much more detail till early next year, but for now, let’s just say we’ve got a good feeling that Revisionist won’t be the last we’ve heard from them. But before anyone starts making any kind of assumptions about what the band may or may not be doing, we do have the honor of passing along something legitimate on their behalf in the meantime: an official string of US East Coast tour dates.

The band’s most recent shows have proven that they’ve lost nearly nothing in terms of their looming, overwhelming live presence. In fact, they’re sounding better than ever. Just check out this footage from Italy a couple years back.


If you’re on the East Coast of the US, do yourself a favor and catch at least one of the following dates. From what we can tell, the band is pulling out all the stops, and performing material from almost every record they’ve put out.

October 18- Portland, Maine @ Sun Tiki Studios

October 19- New Haven, Connecticut @ The State House

October 20- Cambridge, Masschusettes @ The Middle East

October 21- New York City, New York @ Le Poisson Rouge

October 22- Washington, DC @ The Black Cat

October 23- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania @ Johnny Brenda’s

It’s pretty dang exciting, and we may or may not have spoken to vocalist/guitarist Sean Meadows about a few things already, but again, you’ll gave to wait. But not for too long, we promise. Besides, there are a number of juicy 90’s noise reboots occurring as we speak, one of which we have the pleasure of hosting the English language exclusive for tomorrow.

Until then though, revel in the glory of the superior decade of math rock making its way forward through our temporal matrix, as if the nightmare of the last twenty years never really happened. Time travel, as you can see, is totally possible, and it seems like music is a big part of it. Who’d have thunk it?

Also, if you end up being one of the lucky ones there, get some photos and videos to be sure, but also, put your phone away for at least a song or two and let it really sink in. We’re not trying to get all Jack White about it, but Jo44 is one of those bands that’s so narrative-driven that being present with as few filters in the experience as you can manage will likely make a sizable difference. Get you tickets here and/or spritz us with digital espressos here, and be sure to check back in tomorrow for additional 90’s greatness.