At Home with Monsters


Heavy music with a mathematic approach is one of our favorite combos around here, and the latest to really serve it up is Idaho’s At Home with Monsters. There’s a progressive edge throughout the song’s razor sharp riffage, and unique melodic vocals courtesy of Mateo Aguiar to cap things off.

“TYFYS” should please fans of Protest the Hero and The Safety Fire with its grooving double-kick’s and noodling background synths. The trade-off between the harsh vocals and the melodic ones are also a real throwback to the golden era of melodic metalcore, and while it’s not exactly mathcore, it’s certainly a little bit of both.

Check out the video below and make your own guess as to what “TYFYS” stands for.


Actually, we’re pretty sure it stands for “Thank You for Your Service,” which is something we try to say every time we leave the local Taco Bell. We got the feeling bandleader Haunt Luma is talking about something else though. Maybe Denny’s?

In all honesty, the lyrical anti-war lines are actually sharp as hell:

“… manifesting destiny, ‘the secret’ is a wake, black honey don’t come easy milked from a snake, suddenly I see your face, a flag in your arms, the manor is gone, but the animals are here to run down the farm…”

Okay, you know what? Maybe it is about Denny’s now that we think about it. Either way, we’re about it, and we’re looking forward to whatever it is Haunt Luma puts out with At Home with Monsters. If it’s got the same level of wit and sputtering aggression, it’s sure to be a real treat.

Of all the place we expected this project to hail from, it definitely wasn’t Idaho. No offense to Idaho, it just sounds like something more Southern… but we like it either way! There is a lot of heavy music coming from that state, so we shouldn’t be too surprised. Maybe we’ll catch them at the next Treefort? Who knows. Coming up we’ve got Millo, more spooky premiers from SKiN Graft, and more! Check out the At Home with Monsters Bandcamp here, and make us feel at home with a coffee or two here. Thanks for reading!