gentleman pig


If you’ve been on the hunt for a salty, high protein math rock that goes on just about everything, you’ve finally found it. Or rather, the beast it seems has finally found you.

For the last several months, if not indeed several years, Louisville’s Gentleman Pig have been stampeding the internet math rock scene with spirited performance clips and a bevy of porcine memes, all leading up to the release of their debut EP Animal Magnetism.

All in all, it’s a greasy good time, so grab a napkin or a bib, and check it out below.

Teasing the band’s overall aesthetic for a while before releasing the EP was a smart move – we don’t just say this because pigs are actually quite smart, but because looking back, the objective view of the band’s humor and delivery really held its own ground. In this case, we really do want to see how the sausage is made.

The band managed to imply that the music was going to match the general Gentleman Pig experience, and now that the EP is finally out, it absolutely does. These juicy cuts land the delivery with ease on adventurous, unpredictable prog treats like “You Never Let Me (Predict the Weather) Anymore,” Probably Maybe,” and “Ugly Twin,” each complete with it’s own sense of spice.

If you love bands like Cleft, Alpha Male Tea Party, or And So I Watch You from Afar, Gentleman Pig is definitely one to add to your playlist. It’s bacon-licious.

We know, bacon-licious is a made up word – we think it was coined by Trey Parker and Matt Stone on one of the South Park DVD intros… it’s complicated… well, it’s not, but anyway – check out the full EP here. Or buy us a coffee here. We’re not addicted. You’re addicted. Coming up we’ve got Will Ashby of Graphic World’s solo project, Southpaw Sonata, our first Not Another Fecking Gear Review, and more!