fake pollocks


Apparently, they recently came up with an algorithm that can tell a fake Jackson Pollock painting from an original one. Which is kind of an accomplishment in terms of machine learning, because we’d likely be pretty terrible at that. But thankfully, today we’re here to judge exclusively Fake Pollocks.

More than just another feather in the Floral folks camp (although soon it’s possible we’ll need an algorithm to keep track of all these Ty Mayer / Nate Sherman projects), Fake Pollocks’ Singles burst with refreshing, hook-y post-punk goodness.

Check out the video for “Arm and Argument” below.


Instrumentally, the guys never fail to impress, and Singles‘ dry, clear-cut production is a perfect fit. Obviously in Floral, the band keeps the studio influence pretty subtle as well, and even though it might have been tempting to try to bring more of those elements into a new project, these songs are at the very least a testament to Fake Pollocks’ attention to detail. Instead, they conjure up a new kind of magic by way of some distinctive vocals, and which are fantastically executed and bring to mind the flair of early Bloc Party and Futureheads.

Being that the release is called Singles, containing “Arm and Argument” as seen above and “The Witness” as it’s spicy accomplice, we’re hoping that at some point we’ll be getting at least an EP. Hell, an album would be pretty cool too, but these guys are truly some of the busiest bees we know, so for now, we’ll take what we can get.

It’s gotta be hard, being so prolific, right? The band literally hit us up yesterday asking about a writeup, but luckily we knew from the snippets we’d heard already that we’d surely have some words for Fake Pollocks. Check out their Bandcamp here, or hit us with a gnarly dark roast over here, because the only thing that gets the blood flowing like dope music is a strong coffee, and both are always appreciated. Thanks for reading!