fox lake


Just a few months back we premiered Fox Lake‘s catchy-as-hell debut single, and we’re stoked that they’ve trusted us yet again with some pretty precious cargo. The hard-charging Winnipeg quartet have just announced the deluxe edition of Repose via Coup Sur Coup Records, the undisputed regional champs of tasty, brightly-colored tape production.

When it drops, the revamped version of the record will come with three additional live cuts, two of which we have the pleasure of premiering down below. It’s an impeccable session, and to keep things interesting, the whole thing was recorded at Natural Cycleworks bicycle shop. Yes, it does make for a stimulating backdrop – but it’s also uniquely special to Fox Lake: this is the same room in which the band played their first show.

If you’ve been sleeping on Fox Lake and their deliriously fun tunes, it’s time to break the cycle below.


The guys absolutely smash both of the takes, and bonus points go to vocalist/guitarist Zach Allard for belting it out while playing all those crazy guitar lines. We love the goofy, in-between song footage too. Everyone knows that music is only half the band, and it’s always nice to vibe off the chemistry created between members when they’re simply hanging out. Hats off to Nic Herzog for putting all the footage together, and same to Drew Riekman and Kyle Monkman for making sure it sounds so good as well.

For the vinyl lovers out there, the band allegedly still has a few copies available on their Bandcamp through Dipterid Records, but we don’t expect them to last long so you might want to pick that up before having to play the waiting game. The exclusive grey-swirl one that Old Press are already hard to find, and ultimately, we’re pretty sure the tapes will go just as fast, so head on over to Coup Sur Coup to get yours while they last! Looks like there will two editions: a blue one that comes with the normal album, and a bone white one that comes with the bonus tracks.

In addition to “In Fading” and “Habitation,” the deluxe edition will also feature a live version of the song “Metamorphosis,” cut from the same sessions you see above.

Head over to the Coup Sur Coup Bandcamp page for the pre-order here, or check out the Fox Lake one here to see if there’s any of those precious vinyls left. Also, shoot us a coffee over here! We might be a cheap date, but you know we’re worth it. Coming up we’ve got 90’s throwback galore, Charger Port, Wolfie, Dhärä and of course, much more. Forever. Thanks for hanging out!