mad meg


When going through our various inboxes for the blog, we obviously try to pick up as much math rock as possible. What’s funny is we actually get submissions from every genre you can think of, and it’s not always apparent what we’re about to hear when opening up a song for the first time.

A couple of weeks ago, we came across an email from Mad Meg. It was one of the more unassuming messages – a very brief intro, some accolades, the appropriate links, etc. It was all very succinct and professional, without any crazy origin story or claims to greatness.

However, it seems we played right into Man Meg’s hand – after this brief flash of humility, we were immediately transported to a roots-y, haunting, punk surrealist drama. The New York based collective weave orbs of dark and occasionally hilarious storytelling on Who Deserves Balloons and Medals?, and no matter what genre they use as a medium, they always keep it interesting.


“Beyond Repair” is perhaps the record at its most vulnerable, but even then, it’s filled with great lines like “Under the scorching sun, I’ll rust away, I’ve had a good run, climb on this pile of junk, it’s my new home, it will be fun.”

But if you can handle them at their most sincere, you certainly deserve to try them at their most… indignant. Check out the crusty, Jesus Lizard meets Gogol Bordello vibes of the title track below.


We gotta say, that one is probably our favorite. We know it isn’t going to appeal to the purists out there, and it surely doesn’t want to. But if you fancy yourself more of an impure-ist, we’re right there with you, and we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy the record as much as we do.

You can find more Mad Meg on all the usual platforms, and if you’re curious, we highly recommend this interview with the band about recording a live album from a Lithuanian prison for women – check it out here. In the meantime, you can send us caffeine rations here, and coming up we’ve got stuff from Basil’s Kite, Lilly Legit, Bob Lazar Story, and more. Thanks for reading, and thanks for being patient as we warm up to our normal output levels! We are feeling better but after a decent case of COVID, it is strangely more difficult to write. Blegh.