Lilly Legit


Today we are downright exuberant to bring you the exclusive taste of the new Lilly Legit. The German progressive jazz group, already known for their tastefully virtuosic output, keep a steady pulse with “What Might Have Been,” gliding through graceful key parts and radically funky rhythm section.

On a somewhat subtler note, however, “What Might Have Been” is easily the clearest, most well-defined the band has ever sounded. The ultra clean drum production in particular lends itself to the song’s futuristic sensibilities, allowing every dynamic a chance to glitter and glow in their respective limelights.

Check out “What Might Have Been,” but from what we can tell, most certainly is, below.

You know, there’s somewhat of a visual consistency when you look at the band’s accomplished discography in their Bandcamp, but this one looks slightly different. In fact, at first, we thought it was a Roombah or some sort of miniature Zamboni machine. It’s actually a street light – you’re just upside down.

In a similar way, Lilly Legit sets their sights on a familiar formula but turn it on its head somehow with its sheer emotion. We wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s ecstatic, but it’s happily engaged with itself, and listeners can’t help but get pulled into it’s orbit with those squishy, atmospheric blips and masterclass up/down/up shifts. If you’re looking for something quiet, loud, and beautiful with a side of jazz, Lilly Legit is here to get you legitimately lit with what they’ve got in store for you.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Seriously, the song just radiates happiness. Whether you’re up or down, “What Might Have Been” is sure to put a pep in your step, especially if you’re into jazzier bands like Monobody and Via Luna. Check out the pre-order here – we highly recommend it. You can order us a shot of espresso here, otherwise, we’ve got stuff coming up from Endless, Nameless, Basil’s Kite, and The Bob Lazar Story, so keep your eyes peeled.