Angel Hair


San Diego’s mid 90’s musical scene was incredibly vibrant, and discerning fans of math rock or hardcore need little reminder of this – bands like Drive Like Jehu, Swing Kids, and Quicksand, highlighting a regional melting pot with an instantly recognizable, non-linear flavor.

Now, those are all bands that you oughta be familiar with, even if you’re somewhat of a casual. They’re good reference points for what made those bands not just memorable, but influential. That being said, said San Diego scene is truly a gift that keeps on giving – there are dozens, if not literally hundreds, that could have been added to that list if the nineties… you know, continued indefinitely while the present stretched ever onwards so we could continue to explore.

But of course, history is weird, and time isn’t linear. Thanks to technology and the obsession of fellow music enthusiasts, we’re able to revive, remaster and preserve proof that those moments were real, and boy, have they ever. Most recently, Three One G caused a small frenzy after announcing a remaster the Angel Hair EP Insect Immortality. They gave it some nifty new artwork as well, and it’s the perfect last minute gift – check out “You Were Ugly but You Got Cute Again” below.

Even all these years later, the Boulder, Colorado 4-piece’s mini-opus is a quick masterclass in the self-conscious cool that subtly oozes from suburban wounds, but with unmistakable snark. Wait…. Colorado? Haven’t we been talking about San fucking Diego this entire time? Yes – turns out, the band did most of their work in California but did start elsewhere. That being said, Gravity‘s Matt Anderson recorded the EP in San Diego proper. It’s part of the canon.

How can you even deny the pulsing, dead-eyed feedback of songs like “This Stool is Cool” and “Witch Hunt Scene from Star Trek” as they launch into limb-shattering mosh pit. Like we hinted at before, San Diego’s nineties were a legendary musical fusion, and even if Angel Hair wasn’t the first skramz band out there, they had an undeniable impact on the larger underground thanks to the sheer ferocity of their output. When you think about bands like Heavy Heavy Low Low,The Armed, Converge, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, and more, when you hear that strange texture behind and atop the feedback, that, to us, is a true sign of San Diego hardcore influence. You already know we eat that shit up night and day – but it’s great to know we’re not the only ones, and we hope you enjoy Insect Immortality‘s new life as much as we do.

Here’s to much more, which incidentally you can find here at the Bandcamp page for Three One G / Angel Hair, or if you’re looking for vinyl, the Deathwish site over here.