Marmalade butcher – 不可説不可説転不可能世界 EP (2014)


You don’t happen to be looking for the fastest math rock music this planet has to offer, do you? Marmalade butcher, fronted by math rock genius nienu, are the undisputed speed stars of their field, working at velocities comparable to trance, and exerting the force of a fully developed F1 car, allowing them to soar effortlessly past their peers.

The Japanese quartet have recently released their fourth mini-album 不可説不可説転不可能世界 (“Fukasetsu-Fukasetsuten-FukanouSekai”, derived from Buddhist terminology and meaning a ‘large number’). This exceptional five track mini-album is a thick broth of jazz, math rock, prog-rock, alt-rock, and post rock. Many listeners will also note elements of J-pop, IDM, psychedelic rock, and video game muzak (‘Cinnamon Chocolat Cakes’ sounds like something out of Mario Kart).

不可説不可説転不可能世界 captures the excessiveness of the Japanese video game and geek culture: the lurid flashing lights, and the hypnotic soundscapes. It wedges layers upon layers of musical stimuli together to produce a rich and unbelievably thick mass that is overwhelmingly extravagant. Possibly ahead of its time, 不可説不可説転不可能世界 is destined to be the soundtrack of Neo-Tokyo.

Be sure to also check out Marmalade butcher on our recent compilation album Fecking Bahamas I. Japan.

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Instrumental, wacky, angularity, math rock, disjointed riffs, jazz, experimental, shredding, tappity-tap, pop, fusion

Sounds A Tad Like

Three Trapped Tigers, Jean Jean, the Mario Kart soundtrack