Hikes – Hikes (2014)

Fibonacci was a 13th century Italian mathematician who loved a good hike. He would oft fill his knapsack with giblets, don his jerkin and trot out into the Tuscan hills to do some galumphing about, for he loved the feel of the cool morning air in his lungs and the beating of his stout heart in his chest as he strode through the trees.

While a-hiking, Fibonacci would frequently be taken aback by the quantity of rabbits fornicating in the shrubs beside the trail. Being the venerable sage that he was, he took this opportunity to do some serious postulating on the mechanics of rabbit reproduction: if I leave two rabbits here to get busy now, how many rabbits will be here in n months if lady rabbits can produce two babies per month?

He did some more hiking, some more thinking, some more giblet nibbling; and he discovered an answer to his own fucking postulate: to find the number of rabbits in the month you want, just add together the number of rabbits in the preceding 2 months. So start with 1+1 rabbits and you get 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13…

Now it may look retarded, and obviously I’ve simplified the pants off of his thinking, but that sequence of numbers is well buff. Basically everything complicated you can think of that you don’t know why it works, it definitely works because of the Fibonacci sequence. And the reason we have the Fibonacci sequence is because Fibonacci enjoyed hikes. Take from that what you will.

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