Guy Montag – We Lost Our Singer In Oman (2014)

Sometimes music’s just gotta be fun, right? Erudite music and musicians taking themselves seriously is its own kind of pleasure, but some moods just call for something that makes you want to jump around your room with a bunch of friends. Guy Montag‘s music oozes this kind of exuberance and raw energy, taking a hint from fellow Irish post rockers And So I Watch You From Afar and Adebisi Shank in approaching the genre as a zany, no-hold-barred jam session put to record.

Their debut EP, We Lost Our Singer in Oman, is brimming with pounding rhythms that will get the most resilient head bobbing, and lead guitar lines that run the gamut from epic and anthemic to quirky and retro. The instruments here are often slathered liberally with effects, especially the guitars which often get a treatment that evokes an 80’s video game aesthetic. Great song titles like ‘Tetris Champion’ and ‘I Have a Cigar, I Know What I’m Talking About’, and a bandcamp genre tag of ‘blow-your-damn-face-off-core’ reinforce how downright fun and innocuous this thing is. If anyone is looking for some frolicsome math to rock out to, be glad these guys decided to go on vacation.

File Under

Instrumental, Heavy Effects, Happy, Wacky

Sounds A Tad Like

And So I Watch You From Afar, Adebisi Shank, Japanese post rock


Your Name, Price It (Bandcamp)


Clare, Ireland