bicycle day


Bicycle Day was born April 19th, 1943. Albert Hoffman was leaving work, feeling relatively normal. For the past few years, he had been trying to synthesize a stimulant for breathing and circulation, but had little time to devote to it. Fortunately, he had just ingested the compound unintentionally through his skin while organizing his materials. He began to notice a pleasant effect.

After setting himself up with a properly scientific dose of 250mcg, he and his assistant pedaled off through a slowly warping Basel, Sweden. Thus, the cycling began, and “Bicycle Day” was born – as well as LSD.

To celebrate this psychedelic birthday, we served up some old favorites to enjoy. From Tera Melos to Strobes and Yowie, we should have most of your trip tinglings covered. A few of these tracks were borrowed from Tiagx’s epic playlist, which you should immediately switch over to when you’re done. It’s got more than enough material to carry you home. Here, we give you 25. The kids are calling it a microdose.

We tried to be intentional with the curation process. We didn’t want you to start off too fast. Trust us, we’ve dabbled. To get your blood going so early in a trip is a sure fire way to come face to face with math itself. Yes, we know that’s what you want. But it’s best you warm up to it. Let your awareness adjust to the first few tracks, but keep moving. You can’t stop here. This is math country.

Wait, not… not that kind of math country. Don’t worry about it. Stop sweating. Just hold on.

“Astro” – Quadripede

“Weird Circles” – Tera Melos

“7 Billion People All Alive At Once” – And So I Watch You From Afar

“Ilha Verde” – Monobody

“Preface to the House of Wisdom, Preface to We Are The Devil” – Polymath

“Tomita” – Jaga Jazzist

“Substance Enthusiast” – Adam Betts

“OK Please” – Strobes

“Eldritch Rhythm” – Luo

“Ezra” – Oneohtrix Point Never

“Iambic 9 Poetry” – Squarepusher

“5” – Three Trapped Tigers

“Down Buttermilk Road” – Bearcubbin’!

“Been Thinkin'” – Hikes

“Red Horse in Blue” – Lite

“()” – Nuito

“Anima” – Marmalade Butcher

“Ritual Circle” – Ghengis Tron

“World Series” – Hella

“Telekenisis” – Mutiny on the Bounty

“Heretical Doses” – Giraffes? Giraffes!

“AN ITERATION” – The Armed

“Blow to the Head” – Lightning Bolt

“Candy Gun” – Melt Banana

“Ineffable Dolphin Communion” – Yowie

If Bicycle Day is real, then so are the geometric beings guiding you from the back of your eyelids. Suddenly you realize it’s only been an hour since you dosed at the park. Your experience of time has been reduced to a distant, softly glittering feedback that you now know to be produced solely by the weight of your conscious mind.

We’re not freaking out… you’re freaking out!

Happy Bicycle Day. Enjoy math rock responsibly.