EXCLUSIVE // Yoink announce new album ‘Interactome’ and premiere new single

Where does one start with describing New York math rock trio Yoink? Allow me to give it a try.

You start with a picture of the Mona Lisa. You take a scalpel and make regulars cuts every 20 centimetres down its length with the scalpel oriented 30 degrees to the north of the painting. You do it again with the scalpel oriented at 150 degrees. This gives you a bunch of oddly-shaped diamond cut outs. You shuffle these diamonds about with your hands. For good measure, you pour some black tea on the mess. You stand back to look at your tea-stained mess. If you squint your eyes and adjust your melon to interpret this madness, the resemblance of the Mona Lisa is still there. But the cuts and distortions have transcended the intrinsic beauty of the picture. As you desperately try to parse the art you start to appreciate the knots and tangles rather than that beautiful Mona Lisa painting underneath.

That’s Yoink. They take conventional melodies and bludgeon them with ridonculous off-kilter polyrhythmic madness. They are experts in tangling. In a band that features members of Noxious Foxes and Feuding Fathers, you have to expect that things are going to get a little, you know, wacky. The proof was in the pudding in Yoink’s debut Yankee Oscar India November Kilo. And now the band are about to take it a step up in their sophomore release Interactome, to be released on August 2nd.

To bring in the cheer, we are premiering Yoink’s first single from the album, ‘Trajectory Inference’. Yoink will also be hitting the US (and Canadian) highways in August to bring you their tangly tunes first hand:
8/09/19 – PHILADELPHIA – w/ Mage Hand, Countdown from Ten, Lambeth @ The Meadow
8/10/19 – BOSTON – w/ Biiru, Snowpilier, and Donnie Alexzander @ An Train
8/12/19 – TORONTO – w/ Future Machines, Art the Band @ Duffy’s
8/14/19 – DETROIT @ TBD
8/17/19 – CHICAGO – w/ Snooze, Gem @ Birthday Party [message for details]
8/30/19 – BROOKLYN – w/ Netherlands, Bangladeafy, Marateck @ Sunnyvale

‘Interactome’ is coming at ya on 2nd August 2019. You can pre-order the album over at Yoink’s Bandcamp lil’ page.