Alarmist – Sequesterer (2019)

Describing the music of Dublin trio Alarmist is a difficult task to indulge in. In the case of their latest release, Sequesterer, genre classification serves only as a mere reference for newcomers: electronic music, jazz, progressive, experimental, post, math rock… you name it. Alarmist pushes boundaries to deliver an unparalleled sonic experience, even for the seasoned melomaniacs.

The sophomore album kicks off with ’District of Baddies‘, taking us on a synth-based journey with ever-evolving eclectic rhythms. ’Boyfriend in the Sky‘ is next, with a more focused idea around a hypnotic steel drum riff, enriched with celestial sounds and a tight percussive foundation. In ‘Lactic Tang’, the modern hip-hop beat blends perfectly with the guitar driven melody, supported by a tasteful selection of synth layers during this 5 minute masterpiece. ’Life in Half Time‘ has probably one of the most accurate song titles from Sequesterer. As the instrumentation grows, the lo-fi vibes and the keyboard lines trigger some somber and nostalgic emotions with a cathartic effect. ’Helical‘ helps to pick yourself up with some synth madness that serves as a prelude to ’Expert Hygiene‘ and ’Kalite Quest‘, both filled with mathy riffs that will keep you busy for days.
The album reaches its peak with its first single, ’Bronntanasaurus‘: The sounds crafted and selected for this one are simply astonishing, building into a pounding progressive symphony. The final curtain comes down on ’Nvymr‘, finishing up the experience with a hearty goodbye.

Sequesterer is one of those albums that asks for numerous listens to fully appreciate all its sonic nuances. Needless to say, Alarmist has become a staple for anyone into math rock, or any kind of experimental music for that matter.

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Progressive, Jazz, Electronic, Instrumental, Ambient, Ethereal, Dreamy, Multi-instrumental,

Sounds A Tad Like

Tortoise, Battles, Do Make Say Think, Jaga Jazzist


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Dublin, Ireland