EXCLUSIVE // Watch Quarrels’ new video for ‘Amen’


When it comes to shooting a song promo, you could go all out and create a cinematic work that challenges the form of the ‘music video’ a la MJ’s ‘Thriller’, you could invent a dance craze like Queen B, or you could cause a ton of controversy like The Prodigy. Alternatively, like Boston’s Quarrels, you could just hole up in a dark bunker with plenty of mood lighting and play the damn song.

With the mix of groove-laden builds and contained chaos we’ve come to associate with latter day Thrice, combined with frontman Corey Best’s enviable ability to pull off a Ned Flanders aesthetic, the audiovisual experience served up for ‘Amen’ proves no less arresting for its simplicity. This is a choice cut from latest album Admit released back in February of this year, which perfectly showcases the 4-piece as ones to watch for fans of cultured post-hardcore, proving that the genre still has places to go in 2016. Take five and join the band for this basement session and you’ll be looking up live shows in no time.

bathingAdmit is available via Quarrels’ bandcamp page. You can keep up with the band via Facebook.