Earth Invisible – Earth Invisible (2016)

If someone is in a state of fugue, they’ve typically wound up in a place or situation from whence they have no recollection of how they arrived. They are suffering an amnesia from identity. Thus, it may strike you as ironic that keyboardist Annis Saniee of an ex-math rock band named Fugue has wound up a completely new two-piece project: Earth Invisible. Yet, rather than being in any state of quandary, Saniee and fellow percussionist Will Ponturo appear to know exactly what they are doing.

Like piano-dominant jazz bands like jizue and recently born Lilly Legit, Earth Invisible’s debut self-titled EP combines the effervescence of math and jazz with the dreamy and resonating qualities of ivory and ebony. But Earth Invisible is more than this. Its spectacular array of changing chord progressions keep the record captivating. The dynamics of the piano playing gives the album a strong sense of narrative. From the upbeat ‘Lament’ to the peaceful closer ‘Eulogy’, the debut offers highs and lows, intensity and serenity.

Earth Invisible brings together the elements jazz, fusion and instrumental post rock to synthesize a soundscape that is at times beautifully bombastic, at other times hauntingly symphonic. Let’s hope it’s a taste of even greater things to come.

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Jazz, post rock, instrumental, free, fusion

Sounds A Tad Like

Sparkspitter, jizue, Lilly Legit, Mouse On The Keys


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Bristol, UK