EXCLUSIVE // Watch Bicurious pull off all their instrumental tricks in a live session of ‘Japanese Puppy’

Ladies and gentlemen: Bicurious. The Dublin duo are relatively new on the scene and they’re continuing the legacy of noisy two-pieces like Cleft and That Fucking Tank with their pedal-stomping, loop-stacking, instrumental madness.

The proof is in the pudding with this live session of ‘Japanese Puppy’, kindly brought to you by our friends at Small Pond. This six minute banger was originally released on their 2018 debut EP I’m So Confused and quickly became a fan favourite, racking up 240k streams on Spotify. This live session was recorded and produced at Small Pond’s studio in Brighton while the band was on tour in the UK in October 2019, and is the perfect blend of groovy melodies, octave effects, syncopated percussion, and white singlets.

What can we expect from Bicurious in the future? Well, assuming that we get this COVID-19 muck sorted, you’ll be able to catch Gavin and Taran at the rescheduled Portals (London) and Arctangent (Bristol) festivals next year. There’s also a new album on the horizon.

‘I’m So Confused’ is Bicurious’ go-to EP, available on their website and Bandcamp. Be sure to follow them on Facebook as there’s more on the way…