EXCLUSIVE // Stuck In November premiere their new, eccentric sound in ‘PSJS’


And now for a truly original take on the conventional math rock sound pervading your 2017. Hailing out of Bangalore in India, math group Stuck In November struck it big last year with their EP First Slice Of Cake. The EP showcased Deadstar guitarist Nihal Anand’s virtuoso guitar work and put him up there with the eminent math rock noodlers.

A year has passed and the band has undergone a considerable shape-shift. The band have put away their pedals and turned to acoustic guitars and bass, twigs and shells, music boxes, and learned to play wind instruments, amongst other things. In the bands upcoming EP release First Visit to Camp Telepathy you’re going to hear a new Stuck In November, one that transcends math rock and creeps into folk and gypsy territory.

‘PSJS’ is the opener for the EP, and showcases Stuck In November’s new, revamped sound: an eclectic mix of acoustic math rock, chamber pop, folk and (yes) polka. Together, the track delivers an eccentric, almost vaudevillian punch, no doubt a product of Nihal Anand’s love for bands like Cardiacs, North Sea Radio Orchestra, The Sea Nymphs, and The Monsoon Bassoon.

This is yet more evidence why Stuck In November need to be on your 2017 hit-list; it is one of the most exciting and original math releases we’ve heard this year. Fans of First Slice will undoubtedly be satisfied with the technical proficiency of this project, but expect much more than finger-tapping wizardry. First Visit to Camp Telepathy is a cerebral experience teeming with dense composition, wild imagination, genre-fluidity and strong musicianship.

aiming for enrike‘First Visit to Camp Telepathy’ will be released October 7th. Keep up to date with the release via their Facebook page. And get pumped.