EXCLUSIVE // Stream Milton Man Gogh’s new single ‘Green Eggs and Sam’

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Ya like jazz?

It’s exciting times for antipodean experimental jazz trio Milton Man Gogh. The punslinging Brisbanoids are rolling out their debut album ‘Stress To Impress’, which combines a suite of genres and motifs: jazz, prog, contemporary classical and a spicy touch of metal. And not a guitar in sight. Now that’s spicy.

To kick things off, we are premiering the bands’ latest single ‘Green Eggs and Sam’, an off-the-wall mix of angular saxophone, dissonant chord progressions and wild percussion. Milton Man Gogh’s first slice of the album feels both like a lounge act and an improvised doodle-fest. It’s off-the-wall yet on-the-wall. Coherent yet cacophonous. Decaf yet double shot. Yup, we’re definitely keen to see the kooky places where this album is going to tread…

miltonmangogh‘Stress To Impress’ will be released October 10th via one of our favourite experimental labels Art As Catharsis. Keep up to date with the band via their Facebook page.