EXCLUSIVE // Stream the new album from video game-inspired math rock trio Yufi⁶⁴

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If you superscript the numbers ’64’ into your band name, you’re sure to be turning the heads of retro-gamers, console connossieurs and other purveyors of 64-bit processor glory. It is perhaps no surprise that math rock Seattelites Yufi⁶⁴ bow to their Nintendo overlords, given their extensive sampling of Nintendo 64 games in their self-titled debut. “The N64 just had so many memorable little sound bytes that are deeply nostalgic to so many people,” says bassist Chester Cun, also of Curse League fame. “I’m at my happiest when I’m on a couch playing Mario Party 3 with people I love,” says guitarist Todd.

In their self-titled debut, exclusively streaming here on Fecking this week, the trio wear these gaming influences on their sleeves (not least given that the album opens with a guitar crunching cover of the classic Mario 64 file select jingle). As the album proceeds, the band roll out punchy and vivacious math rock prowess, incorporating a suite of musical influences ranging from The Para-Medics, TTNG, Maps & Atlases, The Physics House Band to Tennyson, GoGo Penguin, and Hiatus Kaiyote. Yufi⁶⁴’s new six track album will tantalize your senses and, who knows, you may be smashing out a quick sesh of Banjo Kazooie by the end of the night…

a1369708735_10Yufi⁶⁴’s debut EP is out on Thursday, October 4th. You can stay up to date with the release and the band via their Facebook page.