EXCLUSIVE // Stream ‘Harvard Computers’ from Dore Mear Beon’s upcoming album

It’s been a while since we heard from Canadian one-man project Dore Mear Beon, whose last album dropped way back in 2014. Not only are we stoked to bring you a fresh cut off his upcoming album today; we are also finally able to report just what the hell and heck ‘Dore Mear Beon’ means.

According to composer Andy the name is inspired ultimately from the French “dormir bien” or ‘sleep well’, but integrates many languages. “When said“, Andy says “it doesn’t quite sound like it either, particularly the ‘beon/bien’, part… there are other elements, such as ‘dore/door’, as in “doors of perception” if you will. Mear sounds somewhat like “Mir”, the Russian word for peace, (or the old Russian space station), and Beon sounds sort of like beyond“. Bet you didn’t figure that one out!

‘Harvard Computers’ is our first sneak peak into Dore Mear Beon’s imminent release A Commending Paean for the Forgotten Henrietta Swan Leavitt and, as expected, we are floored. The track begins with haunting drones, unfurling to a foray of emotionally charged math rock melodies. Everything is in good order here: the riffs, the production, the textures, the narration. Needless to say, we are really looking forward to this album.

dore‘A Commending Paean for the Forgotten Henrietta Swan Leavitt’ will be released in the next couple of days on Dore Mear Beon’s bandcamp page. Don’t sleep on it.