EXCLUSIVE // Stream Fight Cloud’s New Song “Pipe Dream”


The brightest stars burn out fastest, eh? It feels like just last week I was listening to Fight Cloud for the first time, and now I’ve given money to their Indiegogo campaign to fund their second full length album, which they hinted might be their last. Aptly titled We’ll Be Alright, what we’ve heard of it so far sounds like it could be the beginning of something truly wonderful, if Fight Cloud weren’t “stepping out for cigarettes.” We know how this works, guys.

For now, we’ll play along and pretend like you’re not leaving us. Right up there we’ve got an exclusive stream of the new single, “Pipe Dream.” In many ways, it’s emblematic of the back catalogue of Fight Cloud – dreamy, hypnotizing, but with a heavy, punched-up quality. Reverb melds seamlessly into distortion heavy avalanches of sound in a classic bait-and-switch halfway through what is otherwise a tight, groovy track based around a simple, repeating guitar stab; thoughtful, yet tight and technical drumming underscores almost effortlessly entrancing leads in this tantalizing preview of what’s to come.

And with all those pretty words, how can you resist?

fight_cloudWe’ll Be Alright is out soon, courtesy of viewers like you. The cool part about being in a band is that if people give you lots of money, you can keep making music, and we all want that right? So preorder it over on Bandcamp.