EXCLUSIVE // Stream Detlef’s Brand New EP


Detlef Schrempf played in the NBA for 16 seasons, a pair of Summer Olympics, and even had a run in the European Basketball Championships. Now he works for a wealth management firm in Bellevue, Washington. Once he managed the ball with ease as a power forward for the Seattle Supersonics, now he manages portfolios as a Business Development Officer.* From his (I assume) cushy office chair in Bellevue, Schrempf is a stone’s throw across Lake Washington to Seattle, where another Detlef lives.

The Detlef in question, featuring some former members of Rooftops, is dropping their new 5 song (6, if you count the sweet Japanese-release bonus track) EP, available for listening right up there at the top of the page, you little scamp. If you’re just looking for an extension of Rooftops, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to look elsewhere. A bit of the same DNA is here, but this is a much moodier, laid back affair than anything off A Forest of Polarity. Detlef feels introspective and exploratory by comparison, treading new sonic territory that’s not leery of trading in excessive noodling for something more novel.

Detlef*Full disclosure – I don’t know anything about wealth management or professional basketball. I’ve also never been to Washington. Detlef’s EP is out on CD February 11th via Friend of Mine Records.