EXCLUSIVE // Stream Delicious Death’s New Album ‘Apples To Apples, Crust To Crust’

We love one-man bands. On the one hand you have your Mylets and Theos, who take to the stage and captivate audiences with their extraordinary ability to manage every little piece of sound in the performance contemporaneously. On the other hand you have your Sithu Ayes and Zefs Chasing Caras who forgo the live act to focus all their efforts on the recording process, producing flawless masterpieces at their own pace and reaping the full power of digital distribution and global fan-bases online. This is what the 21st century has to offer, people.

And lo, amidst the steady proliferation of one-man wonders, we have this delectable little oddity out of Nashville that has effectively captured the math rock-gastronomy niche. Delicious Death is Bob Baxter, who is serving up instrumental math rock straight outta the bain-marie with his latest offering Apples To Apples, Crust To Crust, which will be exposed to the masses on Friday.

You may have noticed that, incidentally, Delicious Death’s 2015 sophomore Still Death was ranked amongst our ‘100 Great Math Rock Albums You’ve Never Heard‘. Three years on Baxter remains at the height of his game with Apples To Apples, Crust To Crust, featuring six electrifying tracks of exquisitely produced, no-holds-barred, aggressive math rock (and of course, some of freshest food puns). Your appetites will be fulfilled.

sketchshowApples To Apples, Crust To Crust is out tomorrow (April 13th). You can purchase the album via Delicious Death’s bandcamp page, and keep up to date via the Facebook page.