EXCLUSIVE // Stream Calico’s New Track ‘Euphorism’


Sometimes a working week can really get to you. For the last five days I’ve been lost in a fugue of metal-catalysed Aryl homocoupling reactions (see fig. 1), slowly accumulating frustration, open internet tabs and lower back pain, and had reached a low point when the sultry vibrato opening chords of Calico‘s new track ‘Euphorism’ washed over me, and like a cool ocean breeze I was refreshed and ready to once again attempt to explain why Nickel phosphine catalysis won’t work with bromotoluene.

Calico are light, noodly and agile, wending their way through the no-man’s-land that marks the uneasy border between math rock and jazz – Mammal Hands springs to mind as an immediate comparison. Their music veers from spacey atmospheric vibes to tight interlocked passages of drums, trumpet and keys, through varied time signatures and textures. Euphorism is the first track from their debut EP and we are pleased to stream it’s new video directly into your eyes via the magic of the internet. Make sure you check out the rest of the EP as well – ‘Fold A Winning Hand’ is magical.

Fig. 1.  The contents of my current nightmares
Fig. 1. The contents of my current nightmares

If you’re in Brighton today, you’ll definitely want to head to the Green Door Store to check out Calico live with Madilan and Bathcat. Sure to be a good time. Calico’s EP is supremely buyable and streamable right now on Bandcamp.