EXCLUSIVE // Stream a track from the upcoming Ça album

ca_band Saint Etienne’s cacaphonic trio Ça have become exemplars of the chaotic and abrasive nature of French math rock, a country that harbors (or harbored) outfits such as Pneu, 100% Chevalier, ni, Chevreuil, and Cheval De Frise.

Ça is just that slightly bit more eccentric than the rest. To listen to their music is like attending a carnival ride you didn’t pay for and you know has a couple of loose screws, probably because some midget pirates chewed them off. That’s the sort of feedback we were getting from readers when we premiered ‘8’ on our France compilation last year. It’s noisy, it’s bizarre, and there’s a sense of mischief adorned in the sound.

This week, we are happy to be premiering a new single from the band, ahead of their imminent release. ‘Ça à moi’ comes from the new album Mon Tout petit Ça à moi S’est Dévoilé Au grand jour Quand j’ai su le voir Sans lunettes (and for those playing at home, yes, that name is amalgamated from the entire tracklist). This six minute scorcher is everything we’d expect from Ça: chaotic guitar phrases, eerily soft interludes, off-the-wall group vocals, and a climactic polyrhythmic finish a la The Dillinger Escape Plan. All in all, expect a comfortable uneasiness.

bathing‘Mon Tout petit Ça à moi S’est Dévoilé Au grand jour Quand j’ai su le voir Sans lunettes’ will be released on April 14th via Vox Project, which you can pick up via their Bandcamp page in due course…