EXCLUSIVE // Stream ‘8.5 The Artist’ from In Love Your Mother’s upcoming album

ILYM PlattentaufeSwiss band In Love Your Mother have been creating oddly aggressive music for nearly a decade, starting off as a deathcore inclined band, quickly swerving into mathcore territory after being influenced by bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan, Norma Jean, The Chariot and Converge, and ultimately creating their own genre they’ve dubbed “mothercore” (described as “mathcore, world music paired with dadaistic and socially critical lyrics”).

Their 2013 debut LP The Great Ape Project showed great promise as to what kind of gritty chaos these guys could produce, further solidified by their second LP Dada For Your Mada (2016), which showed significant growth from the trio. Now they are back with their 3rd album The Greatest Hits, and this time around they have decided to record the whole album in 3 days, live onto analog tape with no overdubs or other additions. This is ILYM in their purest, rawest form. The track we have for you today is 3:22 of total dissonance and chaos. Don’t stand too close to your speakers.
Check their previous albums on Bandcamp and watch out for The Greatest Hits, which is out on Saturday, 26th may.