right chipper


We love it when a band you know and love as an instrumental act decides to throw in vocals. We’ll admit, for years, we didn’t, but after a while it clicked – in a world where instrumental talent is commonplace, a little bit of soul goes a long way.

The latest artist to highlight this is DC’s latest guitar wizard, the artist formerly known as Knox Engler. Well, that’s still their name, technically. But recently, Knox made the leap from instrumental output to material with vocals, and keenly marks the distinction via project name: this one, the one with vocals, is Right Chipper.

Sometimes a name change doesn’t feel necessary, but others, it really does. Luckily, Right Chipper’s new single is a joy either way – Knox’s guitar knocks it out of the park with the dexterity, but the vocals are quite tastefully done as well.

Get up to “Put me Down” below.

We were big fans of Knox’s instrumental material, like “Compound Leaf,” which reminded of us joints like Floral and Good Game, mainly because they always keep emotion at the forefront no matter what they’re experimenting with. Knox was beyond competent with these points using the guitar, and it’s a pleasant surprise to see that the new duo is just as capable in this context.

Here’s what they had to say about the project at large:

“Lucas Kirby and I are beyond stoked to be embarking on a new musical journey together. Writing and performing our specific brand of math rock is a thrilling and joyful experience, and our goal is to bring that sense of joy and excitement to our listeners while pushing the boundaries of the genre – this track is the perfect encapsulation of that goal.”

We will definitely keep you posted on whatever develops, but for now, at least we can enjoy this single while we wait for more.

You can find the band’s Bandcamp here – coming up we’ve got a big one with Elders, and an even bigger one with Ativin at the end of the week. Also, because we’re still technically on vacation, if you want to make sure you’re keeping up with the absolutely absurd amount of crazy new music coming out, make sure to follow Call Me Armageddon if you haven’t. They have been keeping this vacation QUITE well rounded in terms of the ol’ playlist, and for that we are thankful. That’s just a cool tip we’re giving you, no pressure. Anyway, we’ll have an update for you next week – it’s about the upcoming comp! Mostly to raise some East Coast awareness – regardless, much love and appreciation to everyone, thanks for reading!