This weekend, it’s time to get down to business with your favorite new limited liability corporation. It’s a bit funny, because LLC from New Orleans, Louisiana, a city often referred to as ‘the big easy.’ Trust us, we’ve been there, and we guess it’s not terribly difficult, but you can only have so many whiskey drenched-espressos before you’re attempting to steady yourself against chintzy French-quarter railing, which, um, rarely ends well.

Luckily, the new single from LLC doesn’t have us nearly as morally and/or physically compromised. The lean and mean “Blind Carbon Copy” kicks off with a tense bass line, but as the drums and guitar build around it, an enveloping sense of comfort is developed. It’s the first single off their self-titled new record, which is due out February 3rd On Strange Daisy Records.

Check it out below.

“Blind Carbon Copy” sets up some pretty decent expectations for the band. On one hand, it’s clearly influenced by math rock, but on the other, it also references post-rock in the way of bands like Sleepmakeswaves or Tides of Man.

Bands can cater to either crowd all day, but getting a pleasant, let alone distinctive, ratio can prove a difficult task if you’re looking to please both fan bases. The math heads will want more notes and fluctuations, whereas the post heads will be looking for atmosphere and emotional resonance. Luckily, “Blind Carbon Copy” finds LLC running easily with both camps, and hardly overstaying their welcome, with the song clocking in at just over two minutes and thirty seconds.

LLC also had a message of hope share for any of you south-gulfers out there feeling left out of the scene:

“We also are putting this out to let the world know that New Orleans has this kind of music going on, even if it can be hard to find sometimes. The US Gulf South in general (maybe sans Texas) can get forgotten when it comes to the world of instrumental/mathy/alt stuff, but we’ve met plenty of other folks in our various travels who are wicked talented. We hope we can share some of that energy and let people know there’s all kinds of art and great people down here.”

We can definitely confirm that this is the case, not only through many articles contained in this very blog, but through our experiences touring the US with Thom Simon. There are TONS of unique bands down there that never quite make the radar. Suffice it to say, the Gulf South is very much its own ecosystem, a thick-skinned bubble that’s difficult to navigate once you’re inside, but full of weird and wonderful individuals that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Just look at LLC!

With a title like “Blind Carbon Copy,” you might be duped into thinking the song is an ironic nod to some kind of scenic similarity, but what we really have is something more genuine than that, and it’s only beginning. Keep your eyes out for the record next week – you can thank us later. Check out the LLC Bandcamp page here, because let’s be honest, you don’t want to Google LLC band. It’s an insane thing to do. You can also buy us a coffee here if you’re so inclined. Coming up we’ve got the crazy mega super glorious compilation and it’s accompanying article, some new visuals from After Nations, Animal Elders, and lots, lots more. Thanks for reading!