EXCLUSIVE // Listen to Town Portal’s newest single ‘Human Touch‘

Town Portal are preparing for the release of their new record Of Violence with its third single ‘Human Touch‘, following up on the roaring math-sludge of ‘Archright‘ and prog-infused ‘Roko‘s Basilisk‘.

On ‘Human Touch‘, the Copenhagen trio start out with a riff-groove theme that feels pretty natural at first. But the instrumental outfit continually expand upon it with conflicting patterns that shift the rhythmic feel. In the end, they leave you with an epic finale, which the band themselves describe as “so weird, that we actually never reached any kind of common understanding of how to count it – so we’re all counting and hearing it differently. It’s probably the closest we’ve ever been to a part that requires improvisation and playing off each other’s cues, and it was really fun for us. A little snippet of chaos in a very calculated musical universe“. That‘s exactly how we like it.

Town Portal‘s new album Of Violence, out April 5th, was recorded in Copenhagen with Scott Evans of Kowloon Walled City fame. The production sounds thick, heavy and thunderous, just like you would expect from a sludge veteran like Evans. Their previous studio effort, The Occident, was released in 2015. Check out our review from back then.

The three Danes are also gearing up for a short run of shows across Central Europe and the UK. Make sure to catch them when they hit your area.

a1369708735_10‘Of Violence’ is set to be released on April 5th via Small Pond (UK) and Art As Catharsis (Australia). You can pre-order the album in digital and vinyl format right here.