EXCLUSIVE // Austrian instrumentalist Waxamilion releases new single from upcoming EP

The Alps are alive with the sound of instrumental hip-hop prog. No, really.

Enter Max Dornauer aka Waxamilion, a young guitar player from a small town nestled amongst the Austrian mountains. He’s 24 years old and armed with tertiary credentials in jazz guitar. Waxamillion is Dornauer’s ongoing pursuit to combine hip-hop and progressive metal, a mix that unfortunately for some may leave the pungent taste of nu-metal in the mouth.

Hey relax, that sordid history is behind us; what Waxamilion sets out to achieve is much more bold, imaginative and hypnotic. We’re talking trap beats mixed with knotty guitar lines, unpredictable time signature changes and jazzy chord progressions – a delicious contrast between the follow-the-beat hop and what-the-hell-is-the-beat proggy abandon.

The upcoming album from Waxamilion is Muttersprache and features the spellbinding ‘Ethereal Buddha Shake’, which we have on exclusive offer for y’all today. It’s a masterful track with well-polished beats, dexterous guitar work, and… was that a Microsoft Windows alert in there?

a1369708735_10You can go and pre-order Waxamilion’s ‘Muttersprache’ right damn now via his Bandcamp page. Stay up to date with Waxamilion on the Facebook page.