EXCLUSIVE // Listen to Dumb Waiter’s latest jazz excursion ‘Dang’


Leave it to Richmonds own Dumb Waiter to serve you their latest jam, an exquisite fusion of jazz, noise and – of course – a lavish dose of angularity. Listen to ‘Dang’ exclusively on Fecking Bahamas.

The track starts out with the bassist Keith Paul eerily plucking his strings, until Tristan Brennis introduces smooth sax tunes into the mix. The band breaks into the songs main theme, with sax and guitar bantering back and forth, while getting chopped up by ragged drum rhythms – and from then on things are getting weird.

After a brief melodic expedition Dumb Waiter go increasingly dissonant, with the sax plummeting from high shrieks into deep bass notes. As if possessed by the stoned spirit of Les Claypool Paul slaps away, during which a swelling wave of noise comes creeping from the background.

A grotesque finale leaves you yearning for more. Turns out you don’t have to wait for very long: Dumb Waiters third record HECK will arrive on July 3rd. “A lot of attention was shifted into more fluidity, 80s guitar tone, atmospheric post rock and general transitional weaving“, the band tells us.

sketchshowGo and enjoy Dumb Waiters new single ‘Dang’, and make sure to check out their Bandcamp page for another big hit before HECK becomes available in its entirety.