EXCLUSIVE // Listen to brand new UK duo Too Piste’s first single ‘Distresso’

toopiste*Disclaimer: I might have been too pissed writing this*

After being introduced to math rock through bands like Hella, Planets and Lightning Bolt, it became clear to me that duos played a big role in the genre. It makes a whole ton of sense now in retrospect that people with really niche and unique ideas (and sense of humour) about music would have trouble putting together what is traditionally seen as a “full band” and break things down to the essentials. I’ve heard this story many times; one also shared by British newcomers Too Piste.

Jamie Robinson and Karl Barnwell had been trying and failing to form bands in Hinckley (aka Middleofnowhere, England) for years until they finally realised, after watching Cleft at ArcTanGent in 2016, that they didn’t need any more members. They had all that they needed within themselves. *cue angel choir*

There is something pure about having just one member dedicated to making beats and the other to making melodies (to put it simply). It forces each of them to make the most out of their respective instruments and allows them to do so freely without (m)any overlaps of musical duties. This generally creates very raw, personal and tight-knit results; like two brains fusing into one perfect symbiotic experience. I love this kind of shit. You all know what I’m talking about.

With influences like Death From Above 1979 and Alpha Male Tea Party, Too Piste have carved out their own sound that is more punchy and bouncy than twiddly or elaborate; screaming angrily alongside headbanging beats and nasty, dual-amped bass riffs. Just press that play button already.

Watch out for their debut self-titled EP coming out on October 6th and stay up to date with them and stuff on the Bandcramps, Soundclout, Faceboob, Instagramma and Sportythighs. tee hee