EXCLUSIVE // Hikes return in fine form with new single ’empathy’


There are 62.4 million acres of forests and woodlands in Texas, roughly 38% of the state. Within this combined cover, there are 14 protected sites, including the Guadalupe Mountains, Big Bend, the Big Thicket and Piney Woods regions, and a section of the Rio Grande. Why wouldn’t you want to go out for a hike?

That honest-to-goodness question is pertinent to the very spirit of Hikes. As loyal aficianados of Nature’s roots and tendrils, much of the Texas quartet’s work has juxtaposed the mundane and problem-ridden daily grind with the idyllic grace of rivers, mountains and animals. Their sound is quite the trail mix, borrowing from emo, math rock, indie, folk, punk and all the rest. In all, it’s always a fun and wholesome ride from a band with many years in the game.

Mahal kita, Filipino-Tagalog for ‘I love you’, is the next phase in Hikes’ musical journey. As we see it, the story is an intertwining of nature and nurture, how singer Nay Wilkins’ uses his Filipino Mother’s physical and spiritual guidance to overcome barriers, fight demons and ultimately find his footing in a labyrinthine world. Mahal kita is very much an ode to the maternal bond, and to the inheritance of character. We hope that this one moves you.

Hikes’s new full length ‘Mahal Kita’ is out November 22nd. Hop over to Community Records to get your pre-orders. And be good to your parents.