EXCLUSIVE // Goodbye, Space Blood. Hello, Willam Covert.

From the piss-smelling ashes of Space Blood comes a new hero of electronic drumming. A man who has removed his mask, put on some pants, and stopped grabbing inflatable dolls by the butthole and flinging them at audience members.

He’s actually my buddy, co-writer and math rock book co-author William Covert. He might not be the full-blown math rock weirdo he was in Space Blood but Covert’s chops are still in fine form. In his solo debut, he ventures into the world of electronic drumming, coupling standard percussion with analog synthesizers, packing together the prowess of Adam Betts, the progressive imagination of Bill Bruford, and, yes, even the eccentricity of Space Blood lurks around here.

A lot of musical ideas on the album came after a trip to the Pacific Northwest last Fall and being inspired for song ideas that didn’t fit into any bands I’m playing in,” Covert recounts, “there are more and more solo drum performers popping up using samplers and triggers and all this high-tech digital gear, and I wanted to try something a little different and put myself in the box of using acoustic drums along with analog synths and analog electronic drums to sound like a full band“.

Music for Synthesizer and Drums is Covert’s upcoming album, which consists of fully composed songs as well as quasi-improvised pieces that play off the beauty of imperfections inherent with analog synthesizers and acoustic drums that keeps the music lively, but not sterile. It’s sure to be an avant garde oddity.

a1369708735_10‘Music for Synthesizer and Drums’ comes out on February 1, 2019, via Coup sur Coup Records. The release includes a limited edition cassette tape that will also include digital download of the album. You can pre-order William Covert’s seven track album on Coup sur Coup Records’ bandcamp page.